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The most important monuments in Trzemeszno:

* The Trzemeszno Basilica - a monumental temple dating back
   to the beginnings of the Polish state and St. Adalbert's activity
* The 'Alumnat' - an 18th century baroque seminary building
* The Water tower - rebuilt according to the plans from 1905
* The Kiliński Square - a former town market square, surrounded by stylish houses
   from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries
* The remains of an early medieval stronghold - lying half a kilometre
   from the crossing of the railway line and the Piast Route.

It is also worth mentioning the tourist attractions of the region, namely the Piast Route.

Biskupin - an archaeological reserve situated in the Biskupińskie Lake peninsula. Based on large fragments of the original settlement, there was reconstructed a part of fortified town with its ramparts, gate and streets. The wooden rural huts with their interiors and primitive household tools illustrate how our forefathers used to live.

Czerniejewo - a town located on the edge of a large forest. Its main attraction is hackney coach rental service in a palace beautifully located in the forest. It is well recommended to take a coach ride.

Gniezno - the first capital of Poland. It boasts a gothic cathedral, The Gniezno Archdiocese Museum and the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State.

Inowrocław - a salt graduation tower situated in the spa part of town

Kruszwica - a tower with a beautiful view of the Gopło Lake panorama. A boat trip over Lake Gopło, which is one of the largest lakes in the Wilekopolska and Kujawy regions, may give you a lot of fun. In the developed peninsula there are numerous rowing and sailing harbours.

Ostrów Lednicki - the relics of the Poland's oldest pre-Romanesque complex of palace and sacred architecture

Archaeological reserve - a fortified settlement in Grzybowo, dated back to the 10th century

Archaeological reserve - the fortified settlement of the Piasts in Giecz

The Wielkopolska Region Ethnographic Park in Lednogóra-Dziekanowice

Wenecja - the ruins of the 14th century castle and the Museum of the Narrow Gauge Train. There one can admire a dozen or so steam locomotives of various kinds, as well as carriages with railwayman's gear and uniform exhibitions. The main attraction is a ride on a narrow gauge train, which connects Biskupin, Wenecja and Żnin.